choosing the right carpet for kids and pets If you have kids or pets, you know how hard they can be on carpets. Kids are prone to spilling things, while pets will bring in messes from outside, have accidents, and tear up the carpet with their claws. So what can you do to minimize or prevent this damage? It really helps to choose the right kind of carpet for your home! Some types of carpet are much more durable and will last a lot longer than other types, which makes a huge difference with children and animals. Here are some things to look for in a good quality, durable carpet:

Synthetic Over Natural

The first thing you want to look for is the type of fiber that the carpet is made from. Natural fibers, such as silk or jute, may be beautiful but they don’t tend to be as strong as synthetic fibers.

Instead, opt for a carpet type such as nylon. Nylon is very sturdy, which means will hold up to toddlers running around and teenagers stomping on it regularly. Nylon fibers tend to hold their shape better over time, and the color will last longer too, making it a great choice for busy families.

Another great synthetic fiber carpet choice is polyester. Polyester is known as a softer kind of carpet, so families love it for their kids and pets. Plus, it’s highly stain-resistant, so your kid’s everyday spills aren’t a problem.

Choose the Color Carefully 

Many families don’t consider the impact that the color of their carpet has on how the carpet looks years down the road. A light color carpet will show dirt and traffic marks easily. A dark color will show lighter particles, such as dust or light-colored fur. The best choice is a neutral, medium shade for your carpet. This will help hide the most spots and stains.

Consider a Pattern

Have you ever wondered why airports and other public places have patterned carpet? It’s because patterns hide stains the best. Consider choosing a speckled carpet or another small, random pattern that will help disguise anything your carpets might have on them.

Protect Your Carpet

Most carpets now come with protectant coating that is applied at the factory. This coating helps to protect your carpets from stains by blocking liquid from entering the fibers. With a protectant, you can wipe up many spills before they sink into the carpet fibers and become permanent stains if you act fast.

Carpet protectants do wear off over time. Luckily, a good carpet cleaner will be able to reapply protectant for you! Consult your carpet’s care guide to know how often this stain protectant needs to be reapplied, or ask your cleaner for their recommendation.

Remember Regular Cleaning

Regardless of what type of carpet you choose, regular carpet cleaning will help keep it in great shape. Not only will professional carpet cleaners remove dirt and stains, but they will able to clean deep within your carpet to remove deep-down dust that wears at the fibers of your carpet, causing it to fall apart eventually. You should schedule a professional carpet cleaning 2x a year in a home with kids and pets to keep everything clean, healthy, and in good shape.


If you have kids and pets in the house, you can still have carpet! You just need to be educated to choose the best carpet that will hold up over time, and have a regular maintenance schedule.