the best flooring for dogsIf you are buying a new house or remodeling your current house and have the opportunity to choose the flooring, you might be wondering what the best type of flooring is for dogs. After all, dogs can be messy. They shed fur and drag in mud from outside. They can also be destructive, with their claws snagging or scratching things as they run around. You need to pick a flooring that will hold up over time against the wear and tear that you dog causes, as well as be easy to clean. Here is a rundown of each type of flooring and how well suited it is for dogs.


Carpets are the softest type of flooring, meaning they are great for dogs to lay on. However, they can easily be snagged, torn up or shredded if your dog likes to dig or just runs around a lot. Additionally, they are probably the hardest type of flooring to clean. Pet hair just caught in the fibers of the carpet and can be hard to remove, and urine will soak deep into the subfloor. If your pet ever has an accident, you can count on needing to shell out money to get it cleaned, or living with the smell forever. For these reasons, carpet isn’t the best choice for a home with a dog.


Hardwood is slightly easier to clean than carpets because you can sweep up hair and wipe up small amounts of moisture. However, excessive moisture will soak into the wood and also become nearly impossible to remove. It is also easily scratched or dented by pets running around. It is a popular choice because of the aesthetics of hardwood, but it’s not a great choice when it comes to pets.


Both tile and stone have similar attributes. They are very scratch resistant, so they can handle paws running on them all day.  In addition, it does not absorb moisture, making it very easy to clean up if your pets have an accident. Similarly, it will not absorb odors, so you can keep your house smelling fresh and clean. The main downside to stone and tile flooring is the fact that they are hard and cold, making for an uncomfortable place for pets to lie down. However, this problem can easily be solved by using throw rugs or pet beds.

Of course every home is different, but when it comes to flooring for dogs, tile and stone flooring has our vote. It’s the easiest to clean and the longest lasting, making it the perfect durable choice for your furry friend.