The Best Way to Protect Your Carpet from StainsNo one likes stains in their carpets. After all, everyone wants a neat and clean home. Carpets stains are unappealing, but they’re also hard to avoid sometimes. Especially if you have kids or pets, things are bound to spill on your carpets. However, did you know that not everything in your carpets has to become a stain? Chem-Dry’s carpet protectant can protect your carpets from stains before they set. This means you can prevent stains from the get-go, instead of trying to clean them long after they’ve occurred. Here’s how the magic of carpet protectant works.

How Does Carpet Protectant Work?

Carpet protectant is a protective layer that is sprayed over the carpet. This layer helps prevent spills and other potential stains from sinking into the carpet fibers. You can think of it as an umbrella, keeping the carpet fibers safe and dry. Because the spill has been prevented from sinking deep into the carpet fibers, it sits on the surface and is much easier to clean up.

Carpet protectant isn’t bulletproof. If you don’t clean spills right away, they will eventually soak past the protectant and into the fibers, at which point they are much more likely to become permanent. Carpet protectant simply provides a “window of opportunity” for you to remove common household stains. You need to act fast to prevent stains from becoming permanent. 

Doesn’t My Carpet Come With Protectant?

Many new carpets come with a factory-applied protectant to help keep your new carpets cleaner for longer. This causes homeowners to believe that they don’t need to worry about carpet protectant. However, carpet protectant wears off over time. Everyday use, regular vacuuming, and professional cleanings (while important) can cause the protective layer to wear off and become less effective.

What Do I Do When Protectant Wears Off?

Luckily carpet protectant can be reapplied when it wears off! Chem-Dry is proud to offer carpet protectant that will help keep your carpets cleaner for longer. In fact, conclusive testing shows that Chem-Dry Protectant provides better soil protection than competing protectors because only Chem-Dry uses an innovative co-application process compared to our competitors who post-apply their protectors after cleaning.

When you choose to add a protectant to your Chem-Dry carpet cleaning, the protectant is actually added directly to our cleaning solutions and applied as your carpet is being cleaned. This co-application process means it coats the entire carpet fiber, from the tip to the base, as your carpet is being cleaned, not just the tips like with our competitors.  

Plus, because the Protectant is added at the same time as cleaning, no additional moisture is required, so there is no additional dry time. Carpets are still dry within a couple of hours. All of our competitors post-apply their protectors, adding even more moisture to an already wet carpet, extending the dry time.


At San Juan Chem-Dry, we recognize the substantial investment you have made in your carpets and want to enhance your investment and ensure a longer carpet life. With Chem-Dry Protectant and regularly scheduled cleanings, spots and stains are not a problem and your home is left fresh, clean and healthy for your family.