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Common Sources of Water Damage

Water damage, especially in your carpets and flooring can be a major health concern in your home. However, it’s also pretty common. Here are some of the most common sources of water damage and what to look out for in order to keep your home clean and mold-free:...

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What’s the Best Flooring for Dogs?

If you are buying a new house or remodeling your current house and have the opportunity to choose the flooring, you might be wondering what the best type of flooring is for dogs. After all, dogs can be messy. They shed fur and drag in mud from outside. They can also...

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Cleaning Hotspots

Clean These Hotspots to Ensure a Healthier Home As Fall approaches, we often forget about how much time we're going to be spending indoors. This is something we should prepare for by making sure the house is clean and healthy. The home is a huge collector of germs and...

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Sanitize Handed-Down Furniture Before Use

Make Hand-Me-Down Furniture Your Own   Ah summer – the perfect time to go out and hunt for used furniture at yard sales and thrift shops and apps like LetGo. Sure, some of it can be gross and over-used, but among all the dust-ridden upholstery is the perfect...

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Spring Cleaning 2018!

Let's talk about how great Spring is. The weather hasn't turned too hot but the days are getting longer and going outside to stretch your legs sounds so relaxing. It's the perfect time to clean out the garage, deep clean the drapes, and refresh your carpets and...

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Make Your Rugs Last Longer!

That are spots in nearly every home where foot traffic is the worst. The underlying carpet can get pretty beat up and soak up a lot of dirt and grime. Many people choose to cover these high traffic areas of their carpet with throw rugs to protect the look of the...

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