Cleaning For The Paws – Supporting Rescue Pet Adoption

pet urine removal in San Juan County, NMSan Juan County Chem-Dry is here to clean for the health and safety of all your family members, including the furry members. We love pets and recognize the important roles they play in families throughout the Farmington area. Some people may choose not to have pets for whatever reason. A common one may be that they don’t want to deal with pet accidents inside their home. To combat that reason, we offer a specialized pet urine removal treatment. This treatment has been carefully designed to remove the stains and smells left behind from pet urine. Our hope and belief with this service is to help create a safe and healthy environment for humans and animals to coexist. But it was clear that we needed to do something more in order to really prove our commitment to that hope and belief. 

Chem-Dry is proud to partner with Best Friends Animal Society® to help raise funds to support their network of animal shelters across the country.  As part of this partnership, we’ve launched our Cleaning for the PAWS initiative with the goal of encouraging others to rescue animals through pet adoption. The initiative itself is simple. For every can of World Famous Spot Remover that we sell, we will contribute $1.00 to the Best Friends Animal Society. We are also encouraging others to contribute direct donations at the link below:

Donate to Best Friends Animal Society Today!

More About The Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society logoThe mission of Best Friends Animal Society is to bring an end to the homeless pet crisis. To achieve this goal, Best Friends has been building effective programs to save animals for over 30 years. Their “No More Homeless Pets Network” coordinates animal shelters and rescue groups from across the country to hold adoption events, public education campaigns and fundraising drives. Some of Best Friends Animal Society’s critical initiatives include combating puppy mills and promoting spay/neuter programs to reduce the number of animals entering shelters.

Please join us in supporting this worthy and important cause. Your donations go directly to Best Friends Animal Society and their No More Homeless Pets Network of over 1,500 shelters across the country.

To join us in our efforts and to make a donation to Best Friends Animal Society® and help them in their cause to find happy homes for all rescue pets, visit

To learn more about Best Friends and their No More Homeless Pets Network, visit