Get to know your vacuum for cleaner carpets in kirtland, NMVacuum Attachments & Settings

Vacuuming is critical to keeping your carpets clean, healthy, soft, and beautiful. Regular vacuuming can actually improve your indoor air quality so it literally helps you to breathe easier. You may not think that vacuuming is a super difficult task. In truth, it’s simple enough that a child can understand it. But when you get a new vacuum you may notice all of the different attachments and settings. Those can be difficult to understand. As professional carpet cleaners, San Juan County Chem-Dry knows a thing or two about vacuum cleaners that we want to teach you today.

Let’s Talk Attachments

The manufacturer didn’t just include a random attachment to puzzle you. Every single one of your vacuum attachments has a specific purpose and use. Here are a few common ones and ways to use them:

Radiator Brush – As the name implies, this is for extracting dirt and dust from radiators and vents.

Crevice Tool – It is long and thin which makes it the perfect tool for those narrow and hard to reach areas of your home.

Upholstery Nozzle – Upholstery includes things like couches, drapes, mattresses, chairs, etc.. This tool will make a big difference in getting those spotless and dust-free!

All-Purpose Brush – Think flat surfaces with this tool like shelves or desktops.

Dusting Brush – Worried about vacuuming fragile surfaces? Well, don’t be and just use this attachment. It provides a more gentle touch.

Okay But What About All the Settings?

To understand the unique vacuum settings you first need to understand pile height. This is just the height of the surface you are going to vacuum. With this setting, you can make sure that your vacuum makes contact with the carpet but still allows for the proper amount of airflow. So when should you change these settings?

Low Pile Setting: Think flat commercial carpet. The kind you had to deal with in school that was so low to the ground an ant couldn’t hide in the fibers. The low pile setting will allow you to make close contact to ensure a more effective clean.

High Pile Setting: These are the kind of carpets you would want to lay on all day long! For example, wool, wool blend, or other types of soft carpeting. This setting will essentially skim the top of the carpet, allowing enough airflow for effective suction.

Bare Floor Setting: Any floor that doesn’t have carpets like wood, cement, stone, or tile. If you set the pile height too low, you can scratch your floors with the powered brush. If your vacuum doesn’t have this setting, don’t use it on the bare floors! 

When Should I Vacuum?

It’s not like there’s a perfect day or time to do it. The important thing is just that you do it at least once a week. Maybe clean the high-traffic areas twice a week or even every day. The frequency will only give you a cleaner and healthier home with better air to breathe in. Also, try using a vacuum that has a CRI Seal of Approval or a Green Label.

Is there a Top Vacuuming Method

Use a top-down method when cleaning your home. First dust the blinds, furniture, and other surfaces, which will push some dust/dirt to the floor, then vacuum the floors. When vacuuming, push and pull the vacuum, back and forth, in a slow, overlapping pattern, moving to the side approximately every four strokes. Spend more time vacuuming hard-to-reach areas like corners and edges next to baseboards.

A Few Closing Tips

  • Take care of the brushes. That means cleaning out all the hair and dust. If the brushes are old and worn out, replace them.
  • Don’t throw away the vacuum instructions. Treat them the same way you would an owner’s manual for a car.
  • Check for any bent metal or other things underneath the vacuum that could damage the carpet.
  • You wouldn’t try to suck up dirt with the handle so why move the machine with the hose? Use the handle for what it’s made for and the hose for what it’s made for. Basically, pull and move the machine with the handle and not the hose. 
  • As soon as your vacuum bag gets about ½ to ⅔ full, empty or replace it. 
  • Unclog the hose and adjustments when necessary.

Vacuuming like a pro will preserve your carpets longer but all carpets will gather dirt, stains, and bacteria. But vacuuming alone is not enough. Experts recommend using a professional service like San Juan County Chem-Dry at least once every six months. Our professional carpet cleaning helps eliminate bacteria and allergens from your home or business, keeping you and your family healthy and happy! 

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