How to Care for Leather FurnitureIf you have leather furniture, you probably know what an investment it can be and want to do everything you can to protect your investment! Leather furniture requires special care that is different from other types of upholstery, but it’s not hard to take care of if you just follow these easy tips:

Use a Clean Cloth to Get Rid of Spills

One of the biggest advantages of leather furniture is how easy it can be to clean up spills. While liquid tends to immediately soak into other types of upholstery, leather tends to do a good job of repealing liquid, making it easy to clean. The downside is if you let liquid sit on the leather for too long, it can damage the surface.

To clean up spills on leather, all you need is a clean slightly damp rag. Stay away from chemical-based cleaners, as the chemicals can damage the leather. For most spills, simple water will do the trick anyway! If all you have spilled is water, simply wipe the area dry with a clean, dry towel.

Keep Leather out of Sunlight

This one seems pretty obvious; most people know that you shouldn’t put leather outside as the sunlight can cause the leather to fade. However, did you know that this is also a concern inside? Sunlight from your windows can cause your leather to fade and even warp. Be careful to keep leather out of direct sunlight. If you need to, use curtains or keep your blinds closed most of the time to protect your leather furniture.

Prevent Scratches and Nicks

Leather furniture is particularly prone to scratches and nicks. While not everything can be avoided, you can take precaution to protect your leather furniture. Keep pets off of your leather furniture (their claws can cause accidental damage). Keep your furniture clean, and don’t let crumbs or anything else build up as they can cause the leather to scratch. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove crumbs, just use the upholstery attachment or another gentle head. When you move furniture, take extra precaution not to scrape it on anything.

Leave Damaged Leather to the Professionals

Of course, no one is perfect and throughout the lifetime of your leather furniture, it is bound to get a couple nicks and scrapes. There are home products that advertise being able to treat leather scratches. However, unless you are a leather professional, you shouldn’t attempt to repair leather yourself, as it’s more likely you’ll damage it instead. Our leather technicians are well-trained to address just these problems with leather furniture. We take time to inspect your leather furniture and apply special pigmentation that matches perfectly with your furniture’s original tan. 

Clean Leather Furniture Regularly

One thing that leather furniture has in common with regular upholstery is that it needs to be cleaned regularly. Leave the cleaning to a leather cleaning professional, as regular cleaners can damage delicate leather. San Juan County Chem-Dry offers a gentle approach to cleaning your leather while giving it all the vibrancy and shine you expect. Contact our leather specialists today for more information, and give your leather some much-needed love!