10 Things People Don’t Clean (But Should!)We know that you’re on top of your home cleaning. You do the dishes and fold the laundry and mop the floor. You should be good, right? Not so fast. We’ve seen it all when we clean for clients, and we’ve put together a list of things that people (even those who are normally super clean) often forget to clean. Are you guilty of forgetting any of these items?

1. Trash Can

We don’t mean taking out the trash, we mean cleaning the actual can. Even though you use a liner, that liner can tear or leak, causing germs, odors, and smells to accumulate in your garbage can. Even if it looks clean, it probably still smells from years of trash.

To clean your trash can, take out the liner first. Take the can outside and spray it down with your garden hose. Let it dry upside down. If it still smells bad after that, wipe it out with a disinfecting wipe and spritz it with an air freshener. Make sure it’s completely dry before you put a bag back in and start using it.

2. Cell Phone

Just take a minute to think about how often you use your cell phone. Throughout the course of an average day, your phone picks up germs and bacteria every time you use it. And then you put that next to your mouth when you talk on the phone! Your phone really needs to be cleaned more often.

To clean your phone, wipe it down with a disinfecting wipe. If you use a case, you can take the phone out of the case and wipe down both the phone and case completely. Do this every day, or at least weekly.

3. Carpets

You vacuum, but you probably don’t deep clean your carpet as often as you should. Most carpet manufacturers’ warranties actually require you to deep clean your carpets every 12-18 months at a minimum. If it’s been a while since you’ve had the carpet cleaners over, you might have actually accidentally voided your carpet warranty. Plus, carpets accumulate a lot of germs, bacteria, and stains that your vacuum just can’t tackle on its own.

To clean your carpets, call your local carpet cleaners. They will have specialized carpet cleaning equipment and solutions that will effectively clean your carpets without damaging it. Using a DIY carpet cleaner can leave your carpets too wet, leaving them prone to mold growth. Plus, the soap used can leave behind a sticky residue. It’s better to trust the job to the professionals. If you’re needing your carpets cleaned in San Juan County, San Juan Chem-Dry is happy to help!

4. Shower Curtain

Despite popular belief, showers are not self-cleaning. This is especially true for the shower curtain. Because of how wet the shower curtain gets, it’s prone to mold growth. If your shower liner has a line of pink or orange build-up, that’s mold. Cleaning your curtain regularly will kill any mold.

To clean your shower curtain, check the care tag. Most shower curtains can be washed in the washing machine on a hot setting to kill any mold or bacteria. Hang it back up to dry, but make sure there is proper ventilation to aid the drying process.

5. Air Vents

Your air vents spread warm or cold air throughout your home. However, if it’s been a while since you cleaned them, they will also spread dust and dirt throughout your home. Cleaning your vents is especially important during the winter (and summer if you have central air) when you use them the most.

To clean your air vents, take off the vent cover. Soak this in warm water, scrub to remove any built-up dust and let it dry. Use your vacuum to vacuum up as much dust in the vents as you can reach. If you need, a professional can clean deeper for you.

6. Door Knobs

You touch your doorknobs multiple times a day, every single day. That’s a lot of opportunity for germs and bacteria from your hands to transfer and build up. You really should clean your doorknobs at least once a week to keep them clean.

To clean your door knobs, wipe them down with a sanitizing wipe or other disinfectant cleaner. Be sure to get all of the doorknobs in your house. 

7. Ice Tray

All you do is put water in your ice tray, right? It seems like there isn’t a reason to clean your ice tray, but the truth is bacteria can transfer from your hands onto your ice tray. Also, particles from other food in your freezer can find their way onto your ice trays. If you don’t want to drink all of that, clean your ice trays after every few uses.

To clean your ice trays, check if they are dishwasher safe and wash them like normal. If they aren’t dishwasher safe, wash them in hot, soapy water.

8. Vacuum Filter

Vacuum filters work to trap dirt and dust to keep it from entering your air after being vacuumed up. If your filter gets too dirty, it either won’t do its job effectively, or it will clog your vacuum and prevent it from vacuuming effectively. Check your vacuum manual to know how often you should clean or replace your filter.

To clean your vacuum filter, first, check your manual. Some filters are made to be cleaned and reused, in which case you can take it out, remove the dust, and put it back. Other filters are made to be thrown away and completely replaced.

9. Microwave Touchpad

You probably wipe out the microwave every time there is a spill, but how often do you wipe down the outside of your microwave? We often touch the microwave touchpad with food on our hands, causing a germy, greasy build up.

To clean your microwave touchpad, clean it with a disinfecting wipe or spray. Follow up with water to remove any chemicals to keep them from ending up in your food after you touch the microwave.

10. Tile

I know that you sweep your tile floor, but that isn’t enough to kill the bacteria and mold that is prone to grow in the grout. This is especially a problem in “wet” rooms like the bathroom, where water might sit on the tile floor for a while. This mold can discolor your grout, in addition to being a health hazard, so take care of it.

To clean your tile, call a tile cleaning professional. They will have the correct tools and cleaning solutions to deep clean your tile without damaging it. If you need your tile cleaned in the Farmington NM area, give San Juan Chem-Dry a call!


There you have it, 10 of the most commonly forgotten areas you need to clean!