5 Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Aztec, NM

Dec 9, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

5 Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Aztec, NM
Don’t let the notion of carpet cleaning scare you off – with San Juan County Chem-Dry in Aztec, NM, it is an efficient and affordable process! Our professional cleaners are second to none when it comes to breathing new life into your carpets. Treat yourself and your home today by just giving us a call – why wait any longer?

Although you may regularly be vacuuming your carpets, over time the dust and other particles that accumulate on them will cause them to become dull and stained. This is especially true in areas of your home where there are high levels of foot traffic; more individuals walking past means more dirt being ground into the fibers!

To ensure that your carpets remain soft, healthy, and last for years to come, it is essential to hire professional cleaners with experience in deep-cleaning carpets. Vacuuming alone only removes surface dust–so make sure you get a thorough cleanse every few months!

When you choose San Juan County Chem-Dry for your Aztec carpet cleaning, rest assured that our experienced staff is here to help. Our team of professionals and state-of-the-art equipment are sure to both meet and exceed any expectations when it comes to providing the best service possible- maybe even introducing you to something new! Some benefits include:

Benefits of Working with Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners

Benefit 1: We create a healthier home for you and your family.

It might come as a surprise, but neglecting to clean your carpets regularly can take an unexpected toll on your health. Much like an air filter, carpets are capable of collecting tiny particles floating around in the air; however, when they accumulate grime and dirt beyond a certain point, these particles may cause allergies or respiratory problems. To ensure that this doesn’t happen – and you remain safe from potential issues – make sure to have them professionally cleaned every couple of months!

Choose San Juan County Chem-Dry the next time you’re looking for Aztec carpet cleaners. Not only will your house be clean, but our Hot Carbonating Extraction process removes 98% of non-living allergens from carpets as well, making it a healthier choice for your family.

Benefit 2: We prolong the lifespan of your carpets.

Although carpets may come with a greater initial cost, they will last much longer if well-maintained. Sadly, many individuals don’t realize that the dust accumulation in their carpets over time affects not only the lifespan of their carpets but also the well-being of their family members.

If you wish to keep your carpets looking newer for longer, frequent cleaning and maintenance is key. Without it, the fibers will break down quickly, reducing their lifespan significantly. However, regular care helps preserve them in excellent condition for far longer!

Benefit 3: We can eliminate difficult stains.

If you’re done with stained carpets and feeling like your home isn’t clean, it’s time to call in the carpet cleaning professionals. San Juan County Chem-Dry can make those stains vanish quickly and breathe new life into your carpet back. Don’t waste any more of your valuable time being frustrated by unsightly spots – contact us today for top-notch carpet cleaning services!

Don’t let carpet stains get you down! San Juan County Chem-Dry is here to help. Our knowledgeable carpet cleaners can swiftly remove lingering spots and restore your carpets back to their original beauty. We not only take care of current spills and pet accidents, but our Protect Package will protect them from future messes too! With the help of San Juan County Chem-Dry, pristine carpets are just a call away.

Benefit 4: Minimize traffic lane effects.

If some parts of your carpet look darker than others, it’s likely due to ‘traffic lane effects,’ which are caused by areas that receive a significant amount of foot traffic.

Professional carpet cleaning not only eliminates the dirt from your home’s busy hallways, but it reduces how soon those ‘traffic lanes’ appear. Not only that but carpets are left looking cleaner and feeling bouncy and fresh in all areas.

Benefit 5: We eliminate foul smells and lingering odors.

If you have had the disappointment of attempting to get rid of an unpleasant smell in your carpets and experienced little success, don’t worry – it’s quite common. This is because odors typically come from far down within the carpet fibers rather than near the surface. As with any other fabric made up of fibers, if you want to completely remove bad smells inside a carpet, it must be deeply cleaned top-to-bottom for best results.

Many people wrongly assume that detergent can clean their carpets effectively, but it only leaves behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt and grime. Even worse, you need an excessive amount of water to rinse the soap away– creating the perfect climate for mold and mildew growth on your carpets!

For carpets that require a deep cleanse, look no further than the professionals at San Juan County Chem-Dry! Our Hot Carbonating Extraction method is both effective and eco-friendly. By using carbonation in our process, your carpets will be quickly and thoroughly cleaned to an even higher standard than store-bought cleaners can manage – don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Ready to experience the benefits only professional Aztec, NM carpet cleaners can provide? Call (505) 325-7601 today to learn more about the difference our innovative cleaning process can make for your home!