A Few Reasons to Choose Chem-Dry for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Nov 9, 2021 | Commercial Carpet Cleaning

a few reasons to choose chem-dry for commercial carpet cleaning

Every business owner wants to find ways to bring in new customers, increase productivity, and keep their employees happy and healthy. But unfortunately, many of those business owners struggle to find cost-effective ways to satisfy those wants. That is until today!

You see, the team here at San Juan County Chem-Dry offers a commercial carpet cleaning service. Now you might be thinking, “How does this help me?” and the answer might astound you. This service is specifically designed to help business owners bring in new customers, increase productivity, and keep their employees happy and healthy.

Obviously, people don’t want to work, shop, eat, or wait in a nasty environment. Deep cleaning the carpet in that office, store, restaurant, or lobby will do wonders to improve the look and feel of the area. But in a place like Kirtland, NM, there are a lot of choices for commercial carpet cleaners. So why choose us? Find out a few reasons below.

Fast Dry Times

We know that you don’t have time to wait for your carpets to dry. That’s why we use a special process called Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). It uses 80% less water than steam cleaners, so naturally, it dries faster. In fact, office carpets cleaned by us typically dry in just 1-2 hours so you can get right back to business.

Longer-Lasting Cleans

Another huge benefit of HCE is that it doesn’t use any sticky soaps, stain-attracting chemicals, or anything harsh for that matter. This means that you won’t have to be so worried about resoiling or restaining after we’re done.

All of the ingredients and solutions used in our HCE process are totally safe and non-toxic which means they are safe for use around adults, children, and even pets. Choosing to use our service will clearly help you feel good and rest (or really work) easily.

Healthier Results

An independent health study found that we remove an average of 98.1% of common allergens from carpet. We think that speaks for itself. If you want to get your office carpet both cleaner and healthier, give us a call today!


Commercial Cleaning in Kirtland, NM

If you’re ready to get your commercial carpet cleaned, you know exactly who to trust. The team here at San Juan County Chem-Dry is here for you! We clean for a wide variety of businesses including hotels and medical facilities. Request a free price estimate to get started.