Chem-Dry VS. Steam Carpet Cleaners

Jun 16, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

chem-dry vs traditional steam carpet cleaning

Chem-Dry Uses A Proven Green-Certified Method

When you think about carpet cleaning here in Farmington, you probably think about a big steam machine that makes your carpets wet, soapy, and sticky. You may be deceived into thinking that this actually deep cleans your carpet, but we are here to show you the light. Steam carpet cleaning is an ineffective method for professional carpet cleaning, and that’s why the team here at San Juan County Chem-Dry uses a method called Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE).

HCE is superior to traditional steam cleaning in many ways. We want to break down the key differences that set us apart with you today. Read on to see why HCE helps to make us the choice for residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Farmington, NM.

Chem-Dry’s Equipment

The actual machine doing the cleaning is a major difference between the two processes.

Farmington Steam Carpet Cleaners: Use machines that push high volumes of harsh, soapy water into your carpet at a high pressure. This will obviously be rougher on your carpet and can even shove dirt even deeper into the carpet and backing. 

San Juan County Chem-Dry: The machines we use in HCE use 80% less water. They’re all low pressure, so it’s easier on your carpet, emphasizes extraction, which is pulling the moisture and soil out of your carpet, and is even CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) approved at the platinum level. This low water use in our machines makes us an incredibly effective water damage restoration service.

Chem-Dry’s Products & Cleaning Agents

Cleaning solutions used in a carpet cleaning will go into your home and you’ll definitely feel their effects, whether they’re positive or negative.

Steam Carpet Cleaners in Farmington: use  harmful detergents that leave a soapy residue which becomes sticky, attracts dirt, and leaves your carpet looking dingy again shortly after cleaning. The harsher chemicals will wear on your carpets and can really affect the health of your home. You might want to think about that before you expose your pets and children to these chemicals.

San Juan County Chem-Dry: We use a proprietary carpet cleaner called, The Natural®, which earns its name by being made up of natural ingredients. The Natural® doesn’t include any soaps or detergents, so there is no dirt-attracting residue left behind. This means your carpets will stay cleaner for longer. To top it all off, The Natural® is 100% green and natural, so it won’t damage carpets. It’s also non-toxic, so it’s safe for kids and pets. 

Chem-Dry’s Process 

Last but not least, how you actually go about cleaning a carpet makes a huge difference in the final result. 

Farmington Steam Carpet Cleaners: To recap, they push a large amount of water into your carpet, which means the carpets can take days to dry. Excessive water can soak through to the carpet backing, which promotes the growth of mold. It also attempts to remove dirt through the use of soaps and chemicals (historically it hasn’t been effective to remove contaminants with other contaminants), which often leaves behind more dirt in the carpet and backing.

San Juan County Chem-Dry: Our state-of-the-art HCE process uses one-fifth of the water of traditional steam cleaning, which allows your carpet to dry in a couple of hours, rather than a couple of days. Meanwhile, the carbonation from our process penetrates to the base of the carpets and gently agitates and releases the dirt particles from the carpet fibers. Heat accelerates the carbonation reaction, allowing our specialized equipment to extract both the dirt and the water from your carpets and allowing you to resume regular activities in your home as quickly as possible.