Common Mistakes When Carpet Cleaning in Farmington

Feb 16, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning, General Cleaning Tips

Searching the internet for carpet cleaning tips is a mixed bag—some great advice and, well, some not-so-great. If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head over questionable tips, you’re not alone. Our professional carpet cleaners in Farmington often come across homeowners asking about online methods or, unfortunately, seeking help after taking some unreliable internet advice. We’re here to make sure you don’t face the same fate. Let our carpet cleaning experts debunk some of the bad carpet care advice we’ve encountered.


Using salt to brighten carpets. 

The idea of using salt to brighten and clean carpets is a bit perplexing, and we’re not quite sure where this tip came from. Contrary to the supposed benefits, pouring salt into your carpets doesn’t magically make them cleaner. Salt, on its own, doesn’t have cleaning properties. And worse, your household vacuum is likely unable to remove all the salt, leaving behind gritty residues that can cause friction between carpet fibers and cause wear and tear.

If your carpets seem dull or show traffic lanes, it’s time for a professional deep carpet cleaning. This method offers more reliable results, restoring your carpets’ original color and beauty in a reliable way.


Steaming your carpet with a clothes steamer or steam mop. 

While the idea of saving money by using your clothes steamer or steam mop for DIY carpet cleaning might cross your mind, it’s not a wise move. Household machines like these aren’t designed for effective carpet cleaning. It’s important to understand that steam cleaning isn’t even the best method for deep cleaning carpets.

Chem-Dry is proud of our superior method for a cleaner carpet – Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). Unlike steam cleaning, our techniques won’t leave your carpets excessively wet, and there’s no risk of exposing your carpets to excessively high temperatures. These are common issues associated with using steamers on your carpets.


Scrubbing carpet with a scrub brush. 

When it comes to cleaning, scrubbing may work for dirty dishes, but it’s not the same for carpets. Carpets consist of delicately woven, dense fibers, and scrubbing can negatively affect their texture, color, and overall lifespan. And, when you scrub a stain on your carpet, you’re likely spreading it around instead of actually removing it. That’s why it’s always smart to address spot and stain removal on a molecular level, exactly what our Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®) and specialized stain removal services does.


Applying vinegar to carpet. 

While vinegar is commonly known as a natural cleaning agent, it’s not a magic solution for deep carpet cleaning. Before you decide to pour vinegar on your carpets, take a moment to consider the odor and challenge of removing this liquid effectively. We’ve seen how this DIY attempt can go bad, often resulting in Farmington homeowners reaching out to San Juan County Chem-Dry for professional deep cleaning.


Avoiding the unpleasant smell of vinegar isn’t the only reason to reconsider using it for carpet cleaning. Its acidic properties can create problems for the color and texture of your carpet, potentially causing fading and stiffness.


Choose Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning 

Choose our deep carpet cleaning services, and you won’t need to worry about putting your carpet in danger to achieve a thorough clean. Our HCE process excels at lifting embedded soil from the deep within your carpet. Unlike steam cleaning, our method uses 80% less water and avoids soapy detergents, ensuring your carpets won’t be left wet for days or covered in a sticky residue.


When you choose professional carpet cleaners at San Juan County Chem-Dry, you can return to your regular routine in just a few hours, without the hassle, smell, and uncertainty often tied to DIY cleaning methods. Your carpets will not only look but also smell fresh and clean. You’ll also be safeguarding their lifespan and creating a healthier home environment.


Get started with a deep carpet cleaning process that you can trust! Call San Juan County Chem-Dry at (505) 325-7601 today to schedule your Farmington carpet cleaning.