How to Maintain High Traffic Carpeted Areas

Feb 3, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

How to Maintain High-Traffic Carpeted Areas Blog Feature
Regular cleaning is necessary to protect the comfort and longevity of your home’s carpets, especially in high-traffic zones. Neglecting these areas can result in uneven wear and may cause for an early carpet replacement. By deep cleaning high-traffic areas, you can enhance the appearance of your carpets, giving them a more uniform look, and extending their lifespan. For the best-looking carpet and increased lifespan, consider getting a deep carpet cleaning in Farmington, NM from San Juan County Chem-Dry today.


Identifying High Traffic Areas in Your Home

High-traffic areas of your carpet require extra care because of what goes on in your household, especially if you have any children or pets. These areas are prone to signs of wear such as dark spots, gray lanes, flattened fibers, or a difference in color and texture near the walls versus the center. If you start to see these signs, deep carpet cleaning may be necessary to avoid permanent damage. High-traffic zones in a home can be hallways, stairs, near sofas and beds, closet doors, or play areas for kids and pets.


Refreshing High Traffic Areas with Deep Carpet Cleaning

Don’t let high-traffic carpet areas in your home become dull and damaged. Deep carpet cleaning can enhance their appearance by eliminating the buildup of dirt and grime. This cleaning method also minimizes the friction that can cause harm to delicate carpet fibers.

Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process offers an effective solution to renew the appearance of overused carpets. Unlike other methods that require a large amount of water, HCE allows carpets to dry in just a few hours. Additionally, this process employs carbonation and a soap-free cleaning solution, eliminating any residue that may attract dirt.

For the best results, it’s suggested to deep clean high-traffic carpet areas at least once or twice a year. To maintain their even texture, be sure to regularly vacuum in between deep cleanings.

Discover the difference that deep carpet cleaning from San Juan County Chem-Dry can make for the high-traffic areas in your home. Learn about the effectiveness of our Hot Carbonating Extraction process by contacting a Chem-Dry technician in San Juan County. Call (505) 325-7601 today to find out more.