area rug care in Farmington, NMKeep Your Area Rugs Looking Like New

Many people choose to invest in area rugs and place them in high traffic areas of their homes to protect wood, tile, or carpeted floors. But what’s protecting the beautiful rug from damage? Keeping your rugs looking their best can seem like an impossible task, but trust us when we say it isn’t. San Juan County Chem-Dry is Farmington’s rug care expert and we got you covered with some easy-to-follow rug maintenance tips.  

Choose the Right Kind of Rug

These first two tips have to do with preparation. When choosing a rug for your high traffic area, you need to look at more than just the design. A rug can be built up of various materials. Some are certainly more durable than others. You should look at rugs made up of things like nylon or wool as they can better withstand the daily beating from foot traffic.

Plan it Out

We don’t just mean where you’re going to place the rug. Plan out how you want to treat the rug. Doing something simple like removing your shoes or thoroughly wiping them off before stepping on the rug can make a world of difference. This will also prevent dirt and grime tracked in from your shoes from being trapped deep with the rug. 

Regular Vacuuming

Even without shoes tracking in dirt, rugs still need frequent vacuuming, especially in those high traffic areas. Frequent vacuuming will help keep dirt and grime from settling into the rug’s fibers.  The more traffic an area endures, the more often it should be vacuumed. That might even mean pulling out the vacuum daily.

Take Care of Accidents Immediately

Foot traffic isn’t the only thing that can damage an area rug. You also have to look out for spills and pet accidents that can cause nasty stains. The sooner you act to take care of a stain the better your chances are of removing it. Though there are plenty of effective DIY rug stain methods out there, it can still be beneficial to bring in a professional. 

We’re Here For You

Your area rugs may require more care and attention than you originally thought. Lucky for you, San Juan County Chem-Dry is here to help. We offer professional area rug cleaning in the greater Farmington, NM area to help keep your area rugs looking fresh and beautiful. Give us a call today at 505-325-7601 for a FREE, no-obligation price estimate.