Carpet Cleaning For a Healthy Home in Farmington, NM

Aug 18, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning | Farmington, NM

San Juan County Chem-Dry is an expert at making homes and workplaces cleaner with our Hot Carbonated Extraction Process!

Along with expert service, San Juan County Chem-Dry uses some of the most advanced processes to clean deeper and provide you with a healthier space. Our services range from carpet stain removal to pet urine removal, and plenty of other upholstery cleaning options. Today, we are going to dive deeper into what makes our carpet cleaning process unique.

While flying home from a trip in the ’70s, Robert Harris spilled salad dressing on his silk tie. When a flight attendant told him that the carbonation from a soda could help break up the stain and allow him to clean his tie, Harris came to a realization. Why not use carbonation during carpet cleaning? This led to the eventual creation of a process we call Hot Carbonated Extraction (HCE).

commercial carpet cleaning of San Juan County Chem-Dry

HCE is a powerful carbonated cleaning tool that starts with millions of microscopic bubbles that float around the fibers. By attaching to dirt and dust, these bubbles bring more grime to the surface. Once surface ready, it’s an easy next step to get your carpet clean. We use hot water to extract grime and make your home a healthier place. Some other companies will use steam cleaners that won’t clean your carpets like we can.

The Superior Carpet Clean

Steam Cleaning has been a well-known process of carpet cleaning in the San Juan County area. Steaming relies on huge water usage to pull the grime up to the surface. Soaking your carpet is less effective than our micro-bubbles. By using less water, our Farmington Chem-Dry team can have your carpet dry within hours of finishing. Without HCE, you may expect to wait days before you can walk in your own home! Skip the hassle and let your us give you the superior carpet clean you deserve.

We Serve You

Entrepreneur magazine has rated Chem-Dry #1 for upholstery and carpet cleaning. We are proud to be The Healthy Home Authority™ in the city of Farmington, and the larger San Juan County! What is it about the process that makes us rank so well for so many years? Customer service is a major reason why we continue to improve and stay successful. We know that the best upholstery or carpet cleaning is based on your satisfaction. While we want to make sure the work is out of your hands, we also believe that your final approval should be our last step. We know you will love working with us! Click to request a free quote or call and talk to a representative today!