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Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Kirtland

Water damage often strikes without a warning. From big rain or snowstorms to a simple burst sprinkler, any number of things can cause massive amounts of damage to your home in a hurry. Even a little water in your carpet can lead to major issues with the damaged or rotting property and mold. That’s why water damage is usually something that you can’t handle on your own. Many homeowners have tried and failed to clean up the damage by soaking up the water with a towel. Believe it or not, this really is not an effective way of fixing the problem. If you have water in your carpets, you need to act fast and call San Juan County Chem-Dry! We are the water damage restoration experts here in Kirtland, and we can quickly take care of the problem.

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Water damaged carpets

Flooding Hazards

We know a little water may not seem like a big deal, but trust us, it’s not an issue to ignore. Water can cause serious damage in as little as 48 hours! This puts your health and proper in jeopardy. Excessive moisture can:

  • Promote the growth of unhealthy mold
  • Lower your home’s air quality, potentially causing breathing problems
  • Lead to cracks in your foundation and eat away at structural supports
  • Result in expensive repairs to flooring, carpet, and other possessions

San Juan Chem-Dry Will Save Your Carpets!

If you’re worried about water damage in your home, don’t panic. Just call San Juan County Chem-dry! Our highly trained water damage inspectors will work to quickly detect the source of the leak of flooding if it’s unknown. Once the issue is uncovered, we will work with you to stop the water and avoid any further damage to your carpet, flooring, furniture, and other belongings. We will then clean your carpet and upholstery to remove any dust or dust, especially if the flooding is greywater or blackwater. Finally, we will help to dry out your carpets and flooring quickly to prevent further damage. 

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“This review is from services given a few months back. We had a water leak that damaged 3/4 of the floors in our house. Cory and his Father came out ASAP to start getting everything dry, and helped me get a claim going to get new floors through my insurance! Chem-Dry is a great business that does the job right and have great customer care!! Thank you Cory for serving our family and I look forward to referring you to anyone I know!!”

Jean B.

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“These guys are great! I have used these guys for my home and for my business. They are very professional and do things the way I want it to be done. They helped out a ton when our water heater broke. They even re-stretched the carpet for us. I Highly recommend them!!!”

Jared O.

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How long can I have water in my carpets?

If there is water in your carpets then you need to get it out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We recommend calling us within 24-48 hours to avoid further damage and limit the risk of mold and mildew growth.

What is water damage restoration?

The act of extracting water from floods or leaks from the home while putting the home back in its original order. As part of our water damage restoration service here in Kirtland, NM, we also help you detect and stop the cause of the leak. 

How can I protect my home from a flood?

This depends on quite a few factors including proximity to a major body of water, amount of snow or rainfall in a season, overall condition of your current home, and more. We have plenty of information on mitigating the risk of flood and encourage you to reach out to us to learn more.



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