water damage in a flora vista, nm basement.How to Avoid Winter Flood Risks

It is just about winter here in New Mexico. Snow will be following, temperatures will cool, and the risk of your house flooding will go up. House floods are really no laughing matter at all. They can lead to a number of health and home damages that can be hard to treat. As the water damage restoration experts in the Farmington area, we have a few tips to help you mitigate the risk of a winter flood.

Watch Out for Frozen Pipes

Leaking and burst pipes have caused plenty of floods in New Mexico homes. In the winter a burst pipe can happen when the liquid inside freezes and forces the pipe to expand past its breaking point. The pipes most at risk are those located in less insulated areas like crawl spaces or along exterior walls. Insulating pipes by wrapping them in towels or special pipe insulation can help. If your pipes do burst, be sure to contact your local water damage emergency response team quickly. 

Take Steps to Protect Against Melting Snow

We all know how crazy the weather can be here. It can be snowing one day and totally sunny the next. These quick changes can lead to floods though as a spike in temperature will cause snow to melt. The water runoff will typically go to lakes, rivers, or streams causing an overflow. If you live close to a body of water, you need to find ways to protect your home from those overflows. You may not be able to do it all this year, but just know that there are water damage specialists ready to help you if your yard and home aren’t ready yet when the flood strikes.

Eliminate Ice Dams

When heat from your home rises to the attic during winter, it can make snow and ice on your rooftop melt. The moisture then runs to your rain gutters and can re-freeze, causing a dam that continues to build and block runoff behind it. This build up of moisture can flood your roof, attic, and walls. To eliminate these ice dams, you need to prevent the heat from escaping your attic. An electrical heat strip on the edge of the roof or some additional insulation in the attic can get the job done. You should also make sure your attic has good ventilation for heat to escape the right way.

Avoid Ice Jams

The surfaces of rivers often freeze during cold temperatures. When a thaw occurs or when the water beneath the surface rises, ice can break off into large chunks that often jam bridges or the flow of water. This damming effect can cause a dangerous rise in water levels and severe flooding for surrounding properties. 

Coastal Flooding

Wind generated by winter storms can cause coastal erosion or tidal flooding in areas near oceans or lakes. Storm surges can significantly damage coastal communities as water levels rise. 

Water Damage Restoration in the Greater Farmington Area

Take additional percautions like purchasing flood insurance and putting together an emergency kit. This kit should include a waterproof place to keep important documents and non-perishable food. Also, be sure to take lots of photos of the damage for insurance purposes. 

Finally, get to know a good water damage restoration company that knows how to get the job done even in an emergency. San Juan County Chem-Dry offers water extraction and restoration services to everyone in our beautiful county. If you’ve recently experienced or are currently experiencing a flood then give us a call at 505-325-7601. Let us take care of it for you!